Staying Safe this Summer

In just a few more weeks school will be out for summer. It will be a time to relax, get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Most of these are common sense, but here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe and healthy this summer.

Cover Up: First thing that comes to mind is sunscreen. An SPF 15 or higher is recommended and should be reapplied about every 2 hours, more frequently after swimming of physical activity. If you are planing a long day in the sun, cover up wearing light weight, neural, loose fitting clothing and always remember to protect your head by wearing a hat.

Hydrate: You should never feel thirsty, that is a sign you are already experiencing some level of  dehydration! Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you at all time. Use an electrolyte sports drink if working out. My favourite tip for moms with small children- have cucumber slices and celery sticks ready to eat, these vegetables will boost energy with out added sugar.

Water Safety:  Whether a pool or the lake, never swim alone and never leave children unattended. Fit your children  with a proper life vest, “floaters”  are not a suitable replacements and often provide a false sense of safety. For older children, enforce a no horseplay rule.

Drive Safe: Summer holiday means more kids out on the street and roaming the neighbourhood. Watch your speed, keep your eyes open for “kids crossing” and be careful when backing out of driveways.

Bug Bites: The only thing worse than a painful bug bite is lots of painful bug bites! To sooth, keep your first aid kit equipped with an “afterbite” or old fashioned calamine lotion. Bug repellent is a good way to avoid the problem. When shopping for a suitable bug spray avoid those containing DEET. When possible, spray your clothing instead of bare skin and wear neutral coloured clothing (bright colours attract stinging insects and dark colours attract biting insects)

Wishing you all a safe and happy summer!