Staying Healthy In Stressful Times

This summer I did my first cleanse ever. I was quite pleased with the results. I love that it has rebooted my metabolism/energy and it has given me the strength (willpower) to continue with healthy habits on a daily basis, including helping me manage STRESS.

Life as a realtor can be stressful. Sometimes, I come home from with a headache if it has been a tough, long, stressful day or maybe all of the above! I know I am not alone. A recent study suggests that 40% of all North Americans report experiencing some form of “extreme” stress in the workplace. The same study also suggest stress leads to unhealthy habits, impacting overall health.

I recently came across a very interesting article correlating physical pain to spiritual or emotional pain that I thought I would share. From head to toe, each body pain is discussed. Who knew that back pain was an indicator for the need for more support? It is a great reminder that our “little” aches and pains may mean something and shouldn’t be ignored.

You can read the article here.