Staging To Sell

As a listing agent my goal is to present a home that looks it’s best, for it to sell quickly, for the  highest possible price. Impactful staging can help achieve success. My dream team has an incredible knack for using existing furniture and reworking the space. We keep rental furniture to a minimum, wanting to emphasize that it is not the furniture being purchased, but the bones of the house, layout and space.

Overall, the biggest impact of staging is the decluttering. Over the years, stuff has a habit of collecting dust in place it shouldn’t. The floors of closets are piled with bags of unused clothing. The tops of dressers tend to have more creams and perfumes than the cosmetic dept at Shoppers Drug Mart.  It is amazing how impactful clearing surfaces can be. Best part of all, before the house is even sold a good portion of the packing is already complete. Now that is time well spent!

So what is the return on investment? According to a 2011 study done by Cleaning and Decluttering has a 872% ROI and home staging has an average ROI of 586%. These numbers speak loudly staging sells homes.

This spring I had 2 listings that absolutely benefited from my stagers expertise.  The before and after photos above speak for themselves. But to put financials into perspective, Forsyth Rd sold for 107% over list price and Keewatin Ave sold for 118% of it’s asking price.  The effort, time and money spent by all lead to fabulous results for these two Sellers.