Sharing Some Love For My Team

I am not an agent with a team approach to real estate, but I have spent years building crucial relationships with my photographer, home inspector, home stager etc.  I wanted to share some love this February and thank my most valuable team member, Maura Dewsbury.

Most of you already know Maura. She joined my brand 5 years ago (where does time go!) and she has been my lifesaver.  She gets me and what I strive for in business and I have a tremendous amount of trust and faith in her abilities.  Our relationship and her experience has grown overtime and she is a JOY to have as my right hand. You will see her on all my listings and definitely helping me work the downtown condo market, as that is where she excels.

I also want to introduce you to Janny Chen. Janny joined earlier this fall in a mentorship role. For a new Realtor, this business is cutthroat and competitive. A lot of young agents don’t get the guidance they need, learn bad habits, which become costly to our industry’s reputation. Beyond the basics, I hope to pass along the love of real estate and help her build authentic, trusting relationship with her clients so she can flourish!

It is a pleasure to have both these women by my side.