Say Hello to Summer

I always like to keep my personal note light hearted and not all business. As the spring market comes to a close, I feel the need to reflect on the epic ride the real estate market has taken us on in the first half of 2017. Real estate was a daily topic with the media and I am sure you all had a friend or family member touched by the insanity of the market. It was beyond busy, stressful and I am actually thankful for the slower market, typical for Toronto in July/August.

There were a few nail biting moments, but I am grateful that none of my clients were adversely impacted by the quick turn of the market. Your home is your HOME and not a speculative acquisition. Treat real estate as a long term investment. Buy within your means. If you take these two things into consideration, market fluctuations will not have a huge impact on your security.

Like me, I hope you are all looking forward to summer.  Canada is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary so extended celebrations will be held from coast to coast. Ottawa has several museums with free admission and many of Canada’s National Parks are also offering free admission. With the current US exchange rate, it is a great year to travel the country, reflect on our ancestry, heritage and diversity.

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have the opportunity to refresh and relax this summer. I Look forward to connecting over the next couple months and hearing about travel, local adventures, family news or future real estate plans.

Stay safe and have fun!