Renovating or Building Your Principal Residence?

If you are thinking about building or doing an extensive renovation on your home this next article is for you. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Solway of HR2C at a RE/MAX Hallmark office meeting earlier this year. Immediately, I knew many of my clients ready to embark on major build/renovation projects would see the value of his services. I asked Michael to prepare a brief synopsis of his strategy of managing projects, including processing the paperwork for a substantial HST rebate. Please feel free to reach out to me or Michael directly if you are interested in capitalizing on his services.

Did you know that you are in all likelihood entitled to a $16,080-$24,000 provincial HST rebate after either building a new home or substantially renovating a home? This HST rebate is also retroactive for two years following substantial completion of a primary residence.

HR2C takes care of the entire process of obtaining this rebate. We collect all the required information, prepare and submit all the paperwork, and work to expedite the time it takes for the paperwork to be processed. With our help, the process to obtain your maximum refund neither needs to be complicated, nor time consuming. One of our clients stated, “We couldn’t believe it when $16,080 was deposited into our bank account four weeks after we contacted you, after being referred by our friends.”

The best part is (aside from receiving the HST rebate): you only pay us after you receive the rebate money!

HR2C is a full-services building consulting company specializing in these HST rebates. We also specialize in a number of other rebates, refunds, and other cost-saving benefits provided to homeowners when building new homes or substantially renovating a home.

HR2C came about as a result of our own experience in knocking down our home and building our new home in six months, on time and on budget. We did a lot of planning, budgeting and research prior to the shovel going into the ground. This is important, as the expenses mount significantly after that first swipe of the knockdown or renovation.

Planning meant finding an architect who would work in collaboration with us, then spending a lot of time on our plans to ensure changes would be very limited once building commenced. It meant knowing the time and cost for any zoning review, Committee of Adjustment, Ontario Municipal Board Hearing, and for receiving building permits.

Budgeting meant preparing detailed spreadsheets with all the costs factored in for each step in the process: demolition, foundation, framing, windows, masonry, drywall etc.

Research meant understanding the impact of all the details, and tying together all the pieces to ensure we ended up with the house we envisioned, on time and on budget. In our experience, this was the most difficult aspect of the building process. There was no one to work with us who could put all the pieces together.

That is the need we now fill for our clients. We work with you using a process with which we are experienced and have systematized. Our goal is for you to have fun during the planning and construction of your home, to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience as much as we did by having us there to guide you from start to finish.

We are not the architect, contractor, construction manager, or interior designer; we are there to coordinate these specialists to help you cope with the details and day-to-day demands of your project, so that the result matches your expectations and your project is finished on time, on budget.

Michael can be reached directly at:

Building and Rebate Consultants
Michael Solway, B.Comm., LL.B
Building and Rebate Consultant
E [email protected]
C 647-225-0876