Month of Love

It’s already February and time welcome to the month of Love.  This year more than ever, I understand the need to forget what’s going on in the world and celebrate the spirit of family, love and Valentine’s Day. January and February are always bleak months as we battle the grey days of winter. On top of it all, many of us are feeling unsettled by neighbouring and world events that threaten our values and beliefs as Canadians and citizens of the world.  In these trying times, sharing love, having compassion and strength is more important than ever.  I have love in my heart and I pray for the health and safety of my family, friends and those around the world with seemingly uncertain futures.

Not to trivialize global hardships, but the Toronto real estate market is also causing questions and concerns. Our home is our biggest asset and the health of the market may be causing worry.  For many Buyers prices continue to skyrocket and the dream of homeownership is slowly slipping away. What does Plan B look like and how do you get ahead?  For Sellers, the media is forever talking about the imminent crash. Is now the right time to sell?

Whether a Buyer or Seller, I appreciate that this is a tough market to comprehend and navigate.  If you are at all concerned with your property value, affordability, stay calm and please reach out to me privately. Together we can strategize as I believe today’s market needs more than an a “one size” fits all approach. No question is silly and every call is important.


Sharing my love,