Making Moments Matter

In one year, I will become an empty nester. My youngest son Lucas is starting grade 12 and I know it is important to give him independence in this final year, so he is ready for University next fall. It is sad and hard for me to let go, as the past two decades, with Micheal (final year at Queens!) and Lucas have been so rewarding and busy.

I wanted to share this article as I hope my boys remember all the love in our home and cherish the time we spent together.  As a working mom, I think it is very easy for us to forget what is important while trying to make our kids “happy”. Life is busy and we can’t be with our children 24 hours a day. What matters most in life is not necessarily the quantity of time we spend together, but the QUALITY time. Our children grow up so quickly and time together is precious. Sometimes it is the small things that make your kids know how much they matter.

Although this will be a year of me letting go. I will do my best to make sure the moments we do have together are QUALITY!


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