Holiday Stress Survival Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching we could all use a little help surviving the stress that comes with the celebrations. From Christmas parties, school concerts to buying the perfect present, this time of year sparks anxiety.

Running a business as a Realtor,  there are often weeks and months that feel like Christmas, offers every night, back to back appointments and just like the holidays there is very little time to catch ones breath.

Over the years, I have survived by following a few simple steps in my daily life.

Be plan full. I do my best to maximize every moment in the day.  I try to get up early, modern technology allows me to multi task, but it is utilizing my calender that really keeps me on track. During this busy time of year put every event, big or small into your calender with a specific time. Set the alarm to remind you of every event. Planning out your day will leave you feeling accomplished, not stressed.

Make time for those you love. I draw my energy from being surrounded by those I love. Whether a morning power walk with a girlfriend or a trip to the grocery store with my husband, time is precious. Use these small moments to get you through your more stressful interactions.

Eating well. This is hard to do, especially around the holidays! I find starting everyday with a wholesome breakfast helps. Preparing meals in advance. Having nuts or dried fruit in the car can keep you from grabbing the high sugar snacks when you stop at Starbucks for a coffee. See one of my favourite breakfast recipes below.

Keeping active. Not only does exercise get me out of bed in the morning, it clears my head and helps me handle stress. My routine varies from 20 minutes of the elliptical, walking, to longer training sessions. Whenever I stray away from exercises my whole body feels the consequences.

A good nights sleep. A full 8 hours is a challenge this time of year, but  rest will fuel you for the day. When I don’t sleep well, I don’t work out, I gravitate to unhealthy food, and my mind doesn’t feel as sharp. Instead of midnight gift wrapping, head to bed.

Meditation. Meditation helps me keep calm so I can carry on. Meditation does not have to be 30 minutes in isolation. Some days I take 5 minutes here and there to breath, focus and pull my mind together. Trust me a few deep breaths and a focused mind will help you get through the holidays.

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