Greetings !

For me the back half of 2013 marks many milestones. I am about to celebrate my 1/2 century, the big 50! Next week marks my 25th wedding anniversary and I am coming up on 25 years in real estate.  All of these are pretty significant life events!

Through my business and personal relationships, I have learned that life’s happiness is not found by WHAT is behind the door, but WHO is behind the door. As time flies by, I am thankful everyday for my loving family, wonderful friends and successful career.

To reflect further, I am lucky to say I have spent 1/2 my life with Cesare, my loving partner and best friend. As my 50th approaches, I am blessed to be surrounded by so many friends from all areas of my life. As I celebrate 25 years in real estate, my clients have been the most rewarding aspect of the business. Your loyalty and trust is what drives me to strive for further success.

There is a saying “the older you get, the wiser you become”.  I wonder what wisdom the next 1/2 of my life will bring?

Thankfully Yours,

Joy Verde