Building a Financial Foundation with Enriched Academy

As a mother, I’d like to share an excellent program that will benefit your children to become fiscally responsible.
At our annual general meeting at the end of January, I was fortunate enough to hear an amazing and extremely entertaining speaker. His name is Kevin Cochran and he is the founder ofenRICHed Academy. Kevin’s program was pitched on Dragons’ Den and was immediately snapped up by the Dragons. This program is recognized as an excellent way for preparing teens and young adults with a foundation of financial education. This is beyond what gets covered in school and will help solidify their financial stability before mistakes happen.

What your children will learn:

  • Money myths
  • Understanding credit and credit cards
  • Choosing your career
  • How to build wealth- Part 1 stocks
  • How to build wealth- Part 2 REAL ESTATE… obviously I loved this section
  • Goal setting and building your brand

I decided to get this course for my two son’s. It was amazing.  I want to pay if forward and share it with you, if you think your children could benefit from this program.  For those that are serious, this is what I would like to propose: In a sense I “hire” your children to take this course.  One lesson is done a week, for Six weeks. After they have complete each lesson, they would call me to discuss.  At the end of the 6th lesson and providing they get 7/10 on the quiz, I would pay them $50 for their work.

It’s more important than ever for our children to become fiscally responsible. Like my boys, hopefully your children will also find this an entertaining and relatable method to understanding wealth.

Call me and we can discuss the details.