A Personal Note

For many of you this is my first opportunity to wish you a healthy and happy new year! I have taken a little time over the past month to catch my breath from an incredible 2015 selling season. It was a year full of personal bests and I hope to continue this incredible momentum into 2016. I am so grateful for you continuous support and referrals. I could never achieve these results without your loyalty.

I also am excited to let you all know that I am going back to school to take my Real Estate Broker’s license. After 25 years in the field, sitting in a classroom again is hard work! Being a Broker means I am required to be versed in both residential and commercial real estate. I spent all last week at York University brushing up on my knowledge of commercial real estate and I have my final exam this weekend, wish me luck!

Once this commercial course is complete, the Broker’s course is next. If all goes according to plan and the spring selling season doesn’t take over, I may be signing off on my next newsletter as Joy Verde, Broker.

With lots of love,

Joy Verde